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Laura Matthews, BSN, RN is a veteran nurse with 18 years experience in family practice, critical care, cardiac and general surgery, school nursing, public health, and hospice. Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and sociology from Randolph-Macon College and is a Cum Laude graduate from Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Western Governors University where she received a Faculty Excellence Award for her work in innovative leadership. Laura is known for her warm and compassionate bedside manner, detailed assessment skills, and professional work ethic.

After many years of privately providing nursing care and consulting, Laura found a new path in concierge nursing. Concierge nursing is rooted in the early to mid 1900's when visiting nurses performed private house calls for patients in need. Once again, nurses are utilizing their specific practice expertise to bring compassionate, discrete, and personalized care to their patients. Laura provides consultation and services to chronically ill, elderly, and those wishing to remain healthy in their homes.

Laura is licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Virginia and fully insured. She holds certificates from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Quality and Safety, the End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium, and has been certified in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Nurse Laura is a Limited Liability Corporation registered in Virginia.

The story behind the stethoscope...

Laura is a lifelong resident of the Richmond, Virginia area and currently lives in rural Glen Allen with her family. From a very young age, Laura began organizing medication cabinets, stocking exam rooms, and filing reports at Dr. Richard Crossen's office in Lakeside, where several of her family members were employed. Her late grandmother, Agnes Vaughan, PA-C, was the first female Physician Assistant in Virginia and Dr. Crossen's right hand. Over the years, Laura assisted the practice at community blood pressure screenings and their famous Halloween flu shot clinics. Laura credits her grandmother and Dr. Crossen for influencing her compassion, love of teaching, and heart for community service.

While in college, Laura helped to care for her grandfather with leukemia and severe heart disease. After graduation, she made the decision to apply to nursing school. Laura has spent her nursing career in critical care, internal medicine, school nursing, public health, and hospice. She has privately cared for patients with cancer, cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, orthopedic challenges, and more.

In addition to nursing, Laura is an accomplished professional portrait photographer. She also volunteers as an affiliate for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a non-profit providing bereavement photography services to families experiencing newborn loss. Laura is also a member of the Greater Richmond Medical Reserve Corps and volunteered as a vaccinator during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laura desires to share her knowledge and skills to provide compassionate nursing concierge services to patients in her home town.

Laura's grandmother, Agnes Vaughan, PA-C embarks on a house call in the 1970s.


Medication Management

Medication organization can be daunting task. Laura believes an educated patient is an empowered patient. Laura has witnessed patients making harmful medication errors that could easily be prevented with proper organization and education.

Laura provides in home services for patients requiring physician-prescribed subcutaneous or intramuscular injections. This service takes the pressure off the patient or family member and provides peace of mind the injection is given safely and timely.

Initial Medication Management Consultations are typically 1-2 hours in length and include a pill box fill, medication organization for provider-only prescriptions, refill set-up as needed, education, and a complimentary mini physical and vital sign assessment. Patients are encouraged to utilize prescription-by-mail or delivery services for medications as available. Weekly and/or monthly medication management program services are offered on a continuous basis.

Injection visits are offered on a weekly or monthly schedule and can be purchased as a package.

Safety and Wellness Consultations

When seniors or chronically ill patients are faced with the emotional decision of remaining in their home or requiring another level of care, safety is the ultimate concern. This is a very difficult decision and although your personal physician may know your health, they most likely haven't visited your home and understand your personal needs.

A Safety and Wellness Consultation considers the home environment, family, and the current health status of the patient as the driving factors for recommendations. Laura can assist with deciphering medical jargon, and may be able to recommend best practices, equipment, and supplies that will allow a patient to remain in the home safely. Studies show elderly adults who are able to remain in their home longer, have better outcomes in disease management and longevity. Laura uses gentle honesty and emotional support when there is a clear need for a higher level of care. Laura can also provide guidance on choosing the appropriate facility and level of care if desired.

Safety and Wellness Consultations include a full patient history, physical, family, and environmental assessment. A recommendation for in-home modifications, medication safety, equipment, and services will be provided in a comprehensive report. After an initial consultation, if the patient remains at home, follow-up wellness visits can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, or as needed to assess for a change in status or further needs.

Laura offers virtual safety and wellness assessments when appropriate.

Custom Care

Laura provides customized care for individual patient needs including post-operative visits, surgical dressing changes, drain management, and more. Please inquire with specific details of your needs.

Virtual Consultations

Laura provides Virtual Consultations to patients and caregivers who need assistance identifying resources, deciphering medical jargon, and solving caregiving obstacles. Virtual consultations take place via Google Meet. A complete health history questionnaire must be submitted prior to the consultation.

Concierge nursing services are self pay. Pricing ranges from $29 - 59/visit depending on service. Laura services Glen Allen, Richmond's West End, and the Western side of Mechanicsville/Hanover. Comprehensive consultations are required for all new patients. Nursing services are not a substitute for acute or emergency care and Nurse Laura cannot diagnose or prescribe treatment for any condition. In the event of an emergency or illness, you must contact your physician or visit your nearest emergency department.


Does Nurse Laura provide in-home continuous or overnight care?

Laura serves as a specific nurse service provider and consultant and does not provide continuous bedside care. Laura provides skilled nursing visits for wellness, medication management, and following post-operative procedures. Laura is happy to suggest a continuous care provider if needed. In most cases, a Certified Nursing Assistant is a favored option for continuous care.

Will Nurse Laura bill my insurance?

All services and visits are self-pay. Nurse Laura does not participate in insurance billing. This allows more flexible, custom, and personalized care without the constraints of healthcare coverage limits.

Will Nurse Laura coordinate specific care with my physician or surgeon?

Absolutely! Please add Laura as a care contact with medical records access at your physician's office. Laura is happy to speak to your medical provider on your behalf if the need arises.

Can Nurse Laura pick up my prescriptions?

In certain circumstances, Nurse Laura may be able to pick up pre-paid medications at pharmacies for patients subscribing to a Medication Management plan. An additional fee will apply. Nurse Laura highly recommends prescription mail order or delivery service.

Is Nurse Laura licensed and insured?

Yes, Laura hold an unencumbered license as Registered Nurse in the State of Virginia, maintains Basic Life Support certification, continuing education, and is fully insured.

Can I consult Nurse Laura if I'm ill or for an emergency?

In the case of acute illness or emergency, you must contact your physician, visit the nearest emergency department, or call 911.

Where is Nurse Laura's service area?

Laura provides services to Glen Allen, Richmond's West End including Short Pump, and the western part of Mechanicsville. In an effort to provide economical and prompt service, travel is not currently available in other areas.

Will Nurse Laura provide information to my family?

Laura will only provide information to family members with the patient's permission or under a documented Power of Attorney. Contacts must be listed on the patient health and history form. Nurse Laura maintains strict patient privacy.

Will Nurse Laura cancel my scheduled visit if I'm sick?

Because Laura's patient population is vulnerable and to prevent illness transmission to all patients, Nurse Laura will reschedule visits if a household member is sick. This includes respiratory, viral, or other contagious infections. The only exception is for medically-necessary timed injections. For Medication Management patients who are sick, Nurse Laura will provide same-day, front door pick-up and delivery for medication organizers.

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